Forever love, I feel you here with me...

You're the sun that chases away the rain.

Dawn Rosanna [Eως]


January 19th, 2010


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01.) Full name? Eos, or Eως. In modern-times, it's Dawn Rosanna.
02.) Best friend? Any male, be it god or mortal. She tends to not be close friends with females because Eden caused Dawn to forever be in love after she slept with Alec back in the day, and ever since then it's been tough for Dawn to find real friends other than fuck-buddies who she actually cares for deeply.
03.) Sexuality? She's Greek, so anyone, but she's leaning toward men these days thanks to Eden.
04.) Favorite color? Rose, because of her namesake and the supposed rose-colored fingers that people always speak of. It's become her trademark.
05.) Relationship status? Forever single, it seems, because she's forever in love and no one really wants to stay with her.
06.) Ideal mate? Someone who could either love her back as much as she loves them, or at the very least not leave her.
07.) Turn-ons? Candles, flowers, ambrosia. Of course, by being in love, this also means that Dawn likes any form of love, too, so even though she thinks making love is romantic and sweet, there's another side to her, too.
08.) Last sexual experience? Some mortal she found and fell in love with who reminded her of Alec. The sex was good, but then he left her.
09.) Favorite food? Currently, Indian.
10.) Crushes? Anyone, although if you asked her to pick one, she would say Alec.
11.) Favorite music? Ballads and operatic arias.
12.) Biggest fear? Of forever being alone thanks to Eden.
13.) Biggest fantasy? Of finally finding someone.
14.) Quirks in bed? Snuggling, kissing, sweet romantic stuff. Then if the god/mortal she's with has any kinks, she'll go for those, too, just to hopefully keep them in love with her.
15.) Bad habits? Being in love and thinking of nothing else, not even a new way for her to be happy.
16.) Biggest regret? She should say sleeping with Alec because that's what caused the mess, but she never would. Dawn would probably say it was Orion, because he was killed by Artemis thanks to her sleeping with him but Alec still "lives".
17.) Best kept secrets? The names of all the gods and mortals she's slept with.
18.) Last thought? "I wonder what Alec is doing."
19.) Worst sexual experience? Tithonus, after he became an old man but was still immortal thanks to Zeus. Dawn said she still loved him, but the sex was never (obviously) the same.
20.) Biggest insecurity? See #12.
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